Advanced Wellness Monitoring - Your Link to Your Loved Ones

Documented weekly health updates directly from care providers through the Internet, email and text messaging…

Receive detailed weekly reports monitoring the care and comfort of your loved one, can be made available to you only through Elite Senior Services:

  • Choose up to 10 (of 40) wellness routines for monitoring (eating, sleeping, taking medication, physical therapy, etc.).
  • You can change your choices at any time to reflect changes in care, such as increased monitoring of sleeping patterns when adapting to medications that cause restlessness.
  • Receive documented updates – through your secure Connect web page, by email and/or text message.

Wellness Reports can help your family recognize problems sooner and act more quickly.

Better Communication Leads to Better Care -  Wellness Monitoring Reports Provide the Following Benefits:

For Your Loved Ones:
  • Wellness Reports are sent directly to you and up to 10 additional concerned members

Giving all concerned members the same information at the same time is an important tool in providing the best care possible. Advanced Wellness Monitoring ensures that no one is ‘left out of the loop” and fosters open, informed communication for your loved ones.

For Your Care Provider:

  • Wellness Reports help to educate families and build trust with providers.

For providers, closer connections with concerned family members lead to better understanding of a loved one’s condition. Wellness reports bring a new level of communication to all of the people involved in an individual’s care. Wellness Reports are easy and fast to file, with additional space for provider comments.

For Your Privacy and Safety:

  • Released only to people approved by you or an authorized Power Of Attorney
  • Creates a convenient legal record of care  
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